Friday, 29 April 2011

My ten guilty pleasures

Blah blah blah we all have blah blah guilty pleasures that we don't want to admit to, but considering my only follower is sitting next to me, here we go!

1. Stealing chocolates from other people and never actually eating them

2. Watching myself get dressed in front of my mirror

3. Sleeping with more than one teddy

4. Picking my toenails, it may ruin my finger nails because i have such boss tough strength toenails but i cant help it!

5. Squeezing other peoples pimples, i literally fight people for a crack at thier pimples.

6. Annoying the crap out of every single person that may choose to talk to me, this could be a very generalised thing, but it makes me laugh (like now with ashbash)

7. Palmolive naturals shower milk, its the honey one... (L) i brought a different flavour not long ago and it makes me want to cry

8. Drawing little cartoon animals, i wont lie to you... i do a MEAN rabbit in a carrot farm, also a great stick figure cat and horse.

9. Soy milk, i have recently discovered it because i wanted to try a soy latte at work, and it was love at first sip.

10. Quoting gay movies, e.g. mean girls, step brothers etc.

yeah this was when my friend Daniel brought me this tassle thing on year 11 camp... i was pretty stoked and i wore it on my shorts for weeks

Sunday, 20 March 2011

The weekend.

Okay, im venting now.

Friday was a HUGE drag and i woke up with no energy what so ever and it stayed that way until the end of the day, not to mention i lost the necklace my boyfriend got me for christmas and i cant find it anywhere :( which i feel so terrible about.

My boyfriend has this one friend whom i dislike so much i cant even begin to describe it. All he does is drink, he is a slob, does not stop eating, is judgemental and downright rude. I am always put in the position where i have to hang out with him, which seems to be every weekend, and im so sick of it :(
Friday night, he wanted to drink, but he had nowhere to drink... so what do they decide to do, but drink on an oval while i am dragged along and his friend is like, "sam why arent you drinking" because i obviously dont want to drink in public just because... fuck. I admit he is sometimes alright but most of the time i want to slam his head into the concrete.

Anyway, my boyfriend and i got back to his house after hanging out with his fuckhead friend. We go to bed and he falls asleep straight away, meanwhile i am left freezing, putting up with snoring and no blanket, not to mention really really tired. Possibly the worst night i have had in ages.

Anyway i worked saturday which was a bit of a drag, and then i had to spend my staurday night with the horrid friend again, sunday morning was amazing before i had to go to work (but we wont get into that) and then sunday afternoon i was with the horrid friend YET AGAIN grrrr!!!!

sook sook sook sook sook sook sook sook

i hate this friend D:

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Ball Saturday!

Year 12 ball, i could not be more excited!
I will exfoliate tomorrow quickly before my TAN, then hair and make up saturday
then the ball
then the AFTERS!!


yeah, this blog is pointless tonight because i'm tired and soooo freaking excited!!


Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Where to begin?

Maybe i'll start by introducing myself.

Hi! My name is Sam, great name i think, no spelling mistakes required. I live in a town called Waroona and i go to a lovely and green private school called Frederick Irwin, honestly, i don't enjoy my time spent there, but i guess i would say that for every school i could possibly be at. 16, 17 on the 9th of September, (P Plates WOOHOO) and thats about all you need to know for the present time.

So this blog is about finding a balance in year 12, meaning social and school, according to my sister, i am quite the social butterfly, which is true to an extent but i guess i could spend my time more wisely. Then raises the question, who wants to be doing homework on a weekend (snore) when you could be out having a fab time with the people that you love the most! I'm probably going to be arguing this with my family for the rest of this year, which is already becoming a drag of under-average marks.

Today dad and i were having an argument over doing a driving lesson for two hours, this afternoon i felt like crap and did not want to sit in a car where some lady turns the steering wheel for me every two seconds... Personal bubble please! Anyway during this argument he said "well i can cancel your driving test, want me to do that?" and i smartly commented back with "You want to drive me around for the rest of your life" he replied with "I drive you around every party anyway, you can walk" and then it made me think, bar two weekends ago, i haven't asked him to drive me hardly anywhere, nor mumma bear, and i know parents are gods given taxi's but lately i have chosen not to use them as much. I have the boyfriend and i had my friend who recently moved out of town, it makes me wonder, do my friends with lisences feel like a taxi? oh who knows i guess i will find out when i finally get mine.

Anyway this blog is supposed to be about school too, my marks have never been good. I would say average or below, not like my genius sister whom will probably run the universe one day, no idea why the self-motivation and smart genes didn't get to me as well. This year i have started to try a bit more than before, its probably a pathetic amount of work compared to someone who is very committed to school, but i mean, atleast i do my homework most of the time. I also made a promise to myself that i would hand every assignment in on time, and be at school for every assessment, so far so good. Having started school 6 weeks ago, i have had many-a topics to cover, meaning tests and assignments, through the work and STUDY i have put in for these tasks, results have not followed :(

History Document Study: 61%
Maths Test: 47%
English Essay: 59%

These marks arent exactly fantastic, i would atleast want to average in the 60% range, not sit on crappy 50s, and 40s. Also i would love if my parents understood that i am also disappointed in my marks, i don't appreciate all the yelling and crap that goes on when i tell them something about school. Anyway i could write a whole novel on my family and the crap about school i get from them, maybe another time.

I think this is a good effort for a first blog ever.
i know nobody is going to read this, but i guess my sister is right, blogging is therapudic.

till next time